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Utilities that enter your home
Posted on Mar 8th, 2017

Many residents have received paperwork in the mail to sign up to protect your water, gas, or electric lines that enter you home from the respective utility companies. Questions have been asked especially in the townhomes and patio homes as to what is covered when it comes to these lines.
Because these lines service your unit and are limited to your exclusive use they are considered to be "limited common elements" and would be your responsibility to repair, replace, and maintain. The Association will not cover any of the expense that may occur if the lines would fail or need serviced. Additionally, the local utilities companies will only service the main lines to the homes in the area and NOT the individual lines that run to your home.
If you would prefer to purchase the insurance coverage to protect yourself you may do so which could save you money in the long run, however if you home is newer you may want to consider the options. This is an insurance policy more or less o cover you when and if an issue would come up with one of the line.
Please call Rj community Mgt. if you have additional questions or need more help.




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